Saltwater Destinations


Saltwater Destinations
Stalking and sight-casting to wary, elusive fish in knee-deep, crystal-clear water is undoubtedly the quintessential angling experience. For this reason, the popularity of saltwater flats fishing has grown rapidly and has become a year-round pursuit for light-tackle anglers across the globe.If you haven’t felt the searing run of a bonefish as it peals off 100 yards of line in a single run, the brute strength of the permit, the acrobatic fight of a tarpon, or seen a 50-pound trevally literally beach itself trying to get at your lure or fly, your angling experience is simply not complete.

And for those who find the run of a big bonefish or the leaping ability of a fresh salmon exhilarating need only sink a hook into a hundred-plus pound tuna, sailfish or marlin to become full-fledged converts to the world of blue-water fishing.

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